This derby is for the kids!

Kids must be 10 years old or under. 
No batteries larger than a 12 volt lawn mower battery! 
Battery must be secured and sealed away from the child.
Any regular electric Power Wheel is allowed. 
Four-wheeler types are not allowed.  Child's legs must be in compartment. 
Ride in not ride on! 
Motors must be stock - no adaptations or reinforcements - just decorations! 
Tires can be wrapped in duct tape to keep them from breaking.
Participant must wear a helmet!  Bike helmets are acceptable.
No Charge to Enter!  Kids and parents must exit the grandstand following the Power Wheels Derby unless you purchase a general admittance bands. 
Child must be registered by 6:00 pm.  Approximate time of Derby will be 6:30 pm.